All over the world if there is one thing that brings us together is our love for potatoes. Aaloo as we call it in Hindi in India. The starchy tuber, is consumed in many ways all over the world. As a vegetable mixed with other vegetables (aaloo bhindi, aaloo gobi, aaloo matar … the list is endless), a patty between burgers, aaloo tikki for the all popular chaat in the road side stalls and not to mention the every favourite finger chips. We all love to have potatoes. Boiled, fried, sauted or grilled.

The rest of the world has their own ways too. Hash browns, mashed potatoes are some of the easily recognizable names that i can think of. Mashed potatoes are …well, boiled potatoes mashed up along with some salt, pepper and cream. Creamy in consistency I usually find them a good company for Baked Beans. Another common breakfast snack is Hash Brown, which is pan-fried potato shreds. At my home it will just be called ‘Aolu Mund’, which, till a few months back I thought was only made in Kashmiri households. At the heart, it is just a potato tikki but instad of making a cake out of boiled potato and frying it, as is the case everywhere, here you shred the potato, mix it up with a little wheat flour, salt and chilli and then pan frying it. The final product is a lot more crispier than the usual tikki because the oil passes through the shreds to cook the whole of the cake.

Last month, while reading through a food magazine, I came across another dish that reminded me of this home preparation. ‘Rosti’. A swiss preparation, it is had a a breakfast meal and can be made into a complete meal by adding onions, cheese and eggs.

What you need: 

Parboil the potatoes with salt.
Allow them to chill . 
Shred them and season with salt, pepper or chilli powder as you prefer.
Add a little butter.
Pan fry them in a pan with butter.
Serve. . .
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