On my recent trip to Crawford market’s bustling lanes, i happened to buy a lot of vegetables, more than i had space for in my tiny refrigerator. Nonetheless, when life gives you some cash to buy Figs, you put your mind into making something out of it for dinner. To clarify things, i am not a health nut who eats salads for the low calorie quotient. But a well made salad, with just the right amount of fresh ingredient is sometimes completely mouthwatering and irresistible. Especially if there is Feta Cheese on top.  
In this salad i have used figs. Now some people wonder why exactly would one use a sweet fruity ingredient for a salad. The answer is simple, to balance the flavours against the salt, chilli, sour flavours. Fresh figs, unlike their dried counterparts have a wonderful subtle sweetness which goes well in salads and not just desserts. And since all you need to do is cut them up and drizzle some olive oil, there is no excuse for even the lazy ones here to not try them.  
The salad i made is a mix of green zucchini, apple and pepper slightly sautéed, mixed with them and served with a good amount of Feta Cheese. You can leave out the Bell-pepper if you want. I put them everywhere because i am so obsessed with them and got them for a good deal at the market.  
A friendly tip – Put a spoonful of Feta cheese and figs in your mouth and feel the outside world just melting away into a blurry sensation as something magical happens in your mouth.  
1 Courgette/Zucchini – chopped in slices
4 Figs – chopped in 4 parts
1 Apple – chopped in 8 parts  
1 Pepper – chopped
Feta cheese
Extra Virgin Olive oil
Apple Cider Vinegar  
1 tbsp Salt
1/2 tbspHoney
1 tbsp Fresh ground black pepper
In a pan add a spoon of olive oil and add the zucchini, apple and peppers.
Sweat the vegetables for 5 minutes on a low flame.
Add the salt and mix well.  
In a separate glass mix half parts extra virgin olive oil and vinegar, a dash of honey and a spoon of pepper. Mix well. This mix is the Vinaigrette.  
Mix the vegetables with Figs and Vinaigrette.  
Place on the serving platter and put cubes of feta cheese on them.  
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