The movie opens with a song. No credits. Just a music video with Shahid Kapoor and Genelia D’Souza. It kinda tells you the entire movie is going to be about Shahid Kapoor, especially because of Genelia’s akward dancing skills.

The movie starts off with an introduction to Sameer Behl (Shahid Kapoor), a struggling actor in Mumbai who may not have the butter for his bread (quite literally) but he does have the latest wardrobe and the attitude to carry it off. A great dancer and quite talented as an actor all he is waiting for is a chance. Soon he meets a choreographer called Tina (Genelia D’Souza) and a chance meeting with a director gets him the lead in his movie. Sadly for him, he is kicked out of his house and his day job the same day and ends up living in a car. He takes up a job of a dance teacher in a school while still awaiting his movie to take off. Further, as a publicity stunt, the director of the movie decides to conduct a talent hunt for the movie, crashing Sameer’s dream. Nonetheless, he picks himself up, teaches the kids to dance and decides to win the talent hunt to acquire the role. Somewhere in between, as expected he falls in love with Tina and eventually after a lot of hardships makes it big.

The story has nothing new. We have heard different versions of the same story hundreds of times. Last year itself, we had Farhan Akhtar (Luck by chance) trying to make it in the big bad world of bollywood. So why should you watch this one? What is new?

Nothing. Just that this one has Shahid Kapoor and he knows how to dance. From the first shot when the credits roll as he goes about his morning routine to the last scene when he dances to the song ‘Pump it up’, it’s his show all the way. He is the soul of the movie. He takes the simple story of a guy trying to make it big and turns it into this comic/dance extravaganza where he does everything. Comedy, emotion, smart ass comments, mindboggling dance and itsy-bitsy romance. I don’t guarantee what you’d think of the movie after coming out of the theatre but I assure that you would definitely know that Shahid Kapoor has arrived and is here to stay. He gave a much more controlled performance in Kaminey but that one was a brilliant piece of work where he was just a medium through with the story was being told. In Chance pe Dance, he is the movie. Ahmed Khan and Marty Kudelka, have given him some unusual dance moves which he carries off with ease and panache. Check him out dancing for the school kids or the first time he dances in front of Genelia, and you would know why he is one of finest dancers in the industry.

Genelia is sweet at Tina but doesn’t really have much to do. Her love story with Sameer is given little screen time and thankfully so because it would have diverted attention from the main plot. Also, she definitely needs to spruce up her dance moves. She looked like a robot while dancing which seriously made me doubt the fact that she was playing a choreographer. Monish Behl plays the over enthusiastic movie director whose character is not really developed beyond him suddenly selecting Sameer only to remove him later. Little strange! Rajeev Parikshit Sahni plays Sameer’s dad, unable to understand his ambitions, something he did very well in 3 Idiots and repeats again. The screenplay by Ken Ghosh and Nupur Asthana is not as tight as it should be. The entire angle with the schools kids is wasted away without us even getting to see them perform well. Also the illegal demolition of shops in Delhi was an unnecessary addition. The direction is average but then I didn’t really expect Ken Ghosh to churn out great cinema. So what’s the verdict?

Watch it to look at Shahid dancing on the big screen. It’s not a bad deal!

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