Based on the book written by Thomas Cobb, this movie traces the a year in the life of Bad Blake, an old country singer. The novel  actually inspired by country singer Hank Thompson and to watch Jeff Bridges, play the role of Bad is a treat to the eyes. In the movie, Bad is down and out. Devoured by his life of alcohol and cigarettes, you see him leave ego and sometimes dignity aside when he doesn’t even have enough money to buy a bottle of whiskey for his addiction. But this is a secret kept safe between his manager, him and the audience. On stage you see him change into this charming country singer, who can still woo any woman he wants. Only that all the hot women want Tommy Sweet (Colin Farell), his prodigy. So you still see him being adored by his old fans and some really old hags who would pass off as his groupie.
This one is a slow and charming tale about music and self realisation and has some angles that would make me compare it to ‘Walk the line’ but then alcohol and drug abuse are almost synomnous with this profession and any other which gives you fame. Somehow it also reminded you of The Wrestler, which brought Mickey Rourke back to life on screen two years back. But while the former ended on a bad note, this one different. Maggie Gyllenhaal plays Jean a reporter and a single mom who gets involved with Bad, a relationship which end badly because of his alcohol problems. The few scenes that he has with his employer/friend Wayne (Robert Duvall) are well played and you almost see what great actors can do for a movie.

Maybe something that would have made the movie a little more moving would have been, if Bad could be shown struggling with his issues. something that wasn’t seen at all before you see him recovered and sober again. But you won’t mind all of that. The music and Jeff bridges make it beautiful enough.

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