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It is something when you see your parent look at you, giving you a smile that makes you know that he/she is proud of you. It does something for you that nothing else can ever do. The scene in Little Miss Sunshine, when Greg Kinnear, smiles at his plum, bespectacled daughter competing in a beauty contest, while she catwalks in a swimsuit is precisely the point when you just don’t care about what an asshole he had been in the movie. All you see is a father who is there to support whatever his daughter is doing, not caring whether she is fabulous at it or not. He is not expected to do that especially after the sequence where he tells her that ice cream would make her fat and that she shouldn’t have it, in a subtle manner. You almost want to punch him in the nose for telling a little kid that. You hate him, but once you are done with the movie you wouldn’t even remember that. You wouldn’t remember the pervert grandfather, idiotic brother, suicidal uncle and the mom who tries to keep it all together. The moment they steal a dead body from the hospital, pushing a van to make it run, so that the little girl could compete in a beauty contest, where they knew that she would be a misfit, without even one of them complaining is when you know that they are family. You only remember these people only as a family and nothing else.

The movie is pure rock! It hits you hard and still is a pleasure to watch. It tells you to do what you want to do and not give a damn about what the world thinks you should do. This is the movie that should have come with the tagline ‘Its all about loving your family’, not the brain draining piece of shit made by KJ  because I suppose he had issues with his dad and didn’t have the guts to ask him why  he never said ‘I love you’ to his son.

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