I guess, I am one of the culprits in this vicious cycle of superhero films, reboots, re-re-boots, mixing worlds and what not. I am one of the many who gets intensely excited when a DC, Marvel film is about to approach, counting moments till Friday despite the fact that I know the film is going to be just about alright. I am the one of the many who have allowed and even financed this monstrosity. So I have no right to complain about any of the films. But for this reason and this reason alone, I have quietly over years developed this illusion of being a critic. “I have to watch these films as a film critic,” I say, while I do my quiet evil laugh in my head.
So yes, I watched the second installment of the Thor series today morning. Thor: The Dark World brings us back to the world first introduced to us by Kenneth Branagh in Thor, and then was given a glimpse into by Joss Whedon’s The Avengers. In this film, Loki stands imprisoned for his war crimes on Earth. In London, Jane Foster finds an abandoned factory where the laws of physics have begun behaving oddly and is teleported to another world, where she is infected by Aether, an ancient weapon. Dark Elf Malekith, awakened by the Aether’s release, attacks Asgard in search for Foster. So now it is a battle of Thor trying to protect Jane while trying to fight both Malekith who plans to destroy the universe as well as his father who refuses Thor’s plan of action.
Let me do my rant now and get it over with. All said and done Thor (2011), was finally the journey of a character into finding humility and that is what I enjoyed about it. It was also a film that had the option of operating individually, something that has gone missing in the Marvel franchise due the presence of The Avengers series and the connection of all these characters, in a parallel universe, all being written by different people. How can one possibly tell a story with authenticity and integrity if people not even involved with the project are making plotlines for you? I am done with my rant now.
This film lacks the subtle humour of the first film for most of the part. It’s only towards the end when the director Alan Taylor realizes that he has completely wasted the beautiful Kat Dennings and gives her a scene or two to make up for the atrocity. Chris Hemsworth does his usual to play Thor, including taking off his shirt for a frame. Natalie Portman plays the dainty Jane Foster and this time around she has been given a meatier role. There is still no chemistry between her and Hemsworth though, almost making me believe her comment that she was taken only to make Hemsworth seem bigger. Tom Hiddleston’s role as Loki has been surprisingly kept minimalistic but it is the most interesting part of the film and possibly the next one too. I did however love the few seconds that Renne Russo (as Thor’s mother) finally got to do some action and was she good!
It is brilliant? No. But is it bad? No it is not. The film is a nice spectacle to watch and is blessed to have a collection of really great actors, who make the most of the roles they have been given. I could not however say the same of the vision that Alan Taylor and the writers Christopher Yost, Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely had for the film. I wish however that things improve or I would be ranting a bit too much for the rest of my life. 
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